TBM Tuesdays are a regular series of virtual forums, focused on key topics that technology leaders care about today.

The TBM Council Board of Directors and other industry technology leaders will host these interactive sessions, where we’ll encourage questions, discussions and feedback, to collaborate, learn and network with your peers.

Read on to see the current schedule…

June 22 – Achieving Outcomes – Anchoring a Digital Transformation on Value and the Critical Role of Transparency

8am PDT | 11am EDT | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET

Most technology transformations have a similar set of priorities and initiatives, but nearly all (>95%) settle for dilution of value. Successful transformations are oriented around outcome metrics vs. the more common orientation around input metrics (i.e. number of Agile teams or workloads in the cloud) or output metrics (i.e. speed of releasing a functionality). By breaking barriers and focusing the entire organization on value creation outcome-oriented transformations deliver greater business value and have a higher net promoter score (NPS). Fully-loaded product- or initiative-level cost transparency is a critical ingredient in this journey.

Join us in this TBM Tuesday as Vishy Padmanabhan, Partner & VP at Bain & Company, shares compelling research and perspectives on how TBM and cost transparency helps organizations create value and achieve business outcomes.

Vishy Padmanabhan, Partner & VP, Bain & Company

April 27 – Finance of the Future: Enabling the Modern IT Operating Model at Wells Fargo

8am PDT | 11am EDT | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET

The way CIOs and CTOs create value in today’s enterprises is undoubtedly changing. Modern technologies paired with agile ways of working provide opportunities to accelerate new business capabilities while improving quality and cost. Finance teams must adapt.

Wells Fargo is doing just that. In this TBM Tuesday, Wells Fargo’s CFO for Technology Nicole Holmes will lead a discussion with Chad Schmidt, Technology Finance Business Performance Manager, about how they are building the finance function for this new world by employing Technology Business Management. They will share how Wells Fargo is evolving by adopting agile-at-scale approaches to software development paired with a shift to public cloud technologies, all the while supporting and optimizing a complex environment of core and on-premises technologies. They’ll talk about how they are redefining portfolio planning, forecasting, and cloud migration with TBM, showing examples of the new approaches they’re putting in place.

Join us to see firsthand how they are going about this transformation and come prepared with your top-of-mind questions!

Nicole Holmes, CFO for Technology, Wells Fargo

March 29 – Building Trust & Delivering Business Outcomes with TBM
Continuing the conversation from the successful webinar hosted by Apptio and KPMG earlier this month, TBM Council Executive Advisory Board Member, Craig Wishart, CIO, KPMG Australia & Head of ASPAC Technology Services Group at KPMG will join our March TBM Tuesday session. Craig will dive deeper into why TBM is the cornerstone to building trust and delivering business outcomes for the firm.
Session insights include:

  • Why make the decision to adopt TBM?
  • How TBM enables a culture of trust
  • Why the trust afforded by TBM is so important to digital and business transformation
  • Challenges and learnings along a TBM journey
  • Successes achieved and business outcomes delivered 
Craig Wishart
Craig Wishart, CIO , KPMG Australia & Head of ASPAC Technology Services Group at KPMG

February 9 – Better Together: Agile and TBM -- a Fireside Chat with Hillevi Agranius, VP Finance & Performance at Securitas

Our first TBM Tuesday of 2021 will be a fireside chat featuring Hillevi Agranius, VP Finance Performance at Securitas and hosted by Jack Bischof, VP of EMEA for the TBM Council. They will discuss how Agile is not one-size-fits-all in an exploration of the cultural and operational shifts required for successful adoption, as well as the nuances of adoption within a services organization. They will also talk about how TBM empowers agile approaches with the facts needed for costing, funding and value-centered business decisions. Please join us for a highly interactive first TBM Tuesday session of 2021! 

Hillevi Arganius
Hillevi Agranius, VP Finance & Performance at Securitas

2020 Sessions:

June 23, 2020 – Live case study, How to socialize & build consensus between CIOs & CFOs

Join Shelia Anderson, SVP & CIO Corporate Functions at Liberty Mutual & Jeff Blomker, Director Technology Business Management at Maryville Consulting Group to learn how they leveraged a partnership between IT and Finance to introduce data-driven, influenceable allocations to ensure business value aligned IT Financial Management.

Joni Headshot.jpg
Shelia Anderson, SVP & CIO, Liberty Mutual​
Amy Headshot 2.jpg
Carolyn Bellisio, Technology CFO, Liberty Mutual
Amy Headshot 2.jpg
Jeff Blomker, Director Technology Business Management, Maryville Consulting Group​
Quinn Headshot.jpg
Quinn Abraham, Manager, Maryville Consulting Group

July 14, 2020 – Using TBM to Slash OpEx and Optimize Vendor Spending

In this talk, Greg Sly, SVP of Platforms and Infrastructure at Verizon, will share how his team used TBM to cut OpEx spending by one-third over two years, significantly reduce vendor renewal costs, consolidate vendors and take other actions to save money. He will also describe how they are gaining better control over their spending, including the ability to push expenditures out (or pull them in), identify mis-categorizations of spending, find hidden data sources, and improve forecasting and multi-year planning.

Joni Headshot.jpg
Greg Sly, CTO, Verizon

July 28, 2020 – Live Roundtable, Using TBM to Drive Consensus and Self-Fund Innovation

Join us for this virtual fireside chat with Brink’s Inc. Global VP and CFO Keith Barthelmeus to discuss best practices and lessons learned in driving consensus between technology leadership and business partners using TBM. He’ll talk about how to create accountability for technology costs and consumption among business unit leaders, how to address their concerns as the accountability model evolves, and how the TBM office should play a role in driving consensus. Barthelmeus will share how he drove optimization decisions with TBM to free up dollars to fund innovation as Brink’s business model transformed through digitization.

Phil Armstrong
Keith Barthelmeus, Global VP & CFO, Brink's Inc.

August 11, 2020 – Live Case Study with Amy Byalick, Fortune 100 TBM program leader

In this talk, TBM Council Executive Advisory Board member Amy Byalick will share important lessons and experiences from serving as the global TBM leader for two different Fortune 100 companies. During her tenure with each company, Amy learned how to foster the partnership between IT and Finance, deal with far-less-than-perfect data, properly engage executive sponsorship, and address the organizational change management aspects of TBM. Amy will be joined by the TBM Council’s Todd Tucker for this insightful discussion.

Phil Armstrong
Amy Byalick, Fortune 100 TBM program leader, Fortune 100 companies

August 25, 2020 – Fireside Chat: Reduce Costs or Enable the Business? Yes! A Conversation with George Maddaloni, EVP & CTO at Mastercard

Working for leading global enterprises such as AT&T, UBS, AIG and now Mastercard, George Maddaloni has built his career on understanding complex business needs and defining and delivering sophisticated technology services to meet those needs. He and his teams have always faced the dual mandate of delivering value for the money (i.e., costefficient services) while enabling business growth (i.e., satisfying insatiable demand for services). In this chat, George will share how he balances these oftentimes competing mandates while modernizing platforms, automating processes, ensuring security and meeting other requirements that demand time, money and talent.

Phil Armstrong
George Maddaloni, EVP & CTO, Mastercard

September 8, 2020 – Disruption Comes in Many Forms: Being Prepared with TBM, with Ralph Loura at Lumentum

TBM Council Board Member Ralph Loura (SVP & CIO of Lumentum) has gone through his share of disruptions, from a massive corporate breakup (while at Hewlett-Packard) to waves of disruptive technology to the current global pandemic. His experience has taught him that, while strategy is paramount, CIOs must be able to adapt quickly based on facts. Ralph will walk through lessons learned over the years in dealing with rapidly shifting situations while staying true to his business’s longer-term direction and goals.

Joni Headshot.jpg
Ralph Loura, SVP & CIO, Lumentum​

September 22, 2020 – Going Global with TBM at Great-West Lifeco with Phil Armstrong, EVP & Global CIO, and Melvin Baranyk, Director – Technology Business Management

Great-West Lifeco is a company you may not know but owns brands such as Putnam Investments, Canada Life, London Reinsurance, and Irish Life Assurance. In this TBM Tuesday, EVP and Global CIO Phil Armstrong sits down with two of his TBM leaders to share how they've implemented TBM in their global, multi-divisional company. You'll learn what's worked for them and the lessons they've learned along the way.

Phil Armstrong
Phil Armstrong, EVP & Global CIO, Great-West LifeCo

Melvin Baranyk, Director – Technology Business Management, Great-West LifeCo

October 6, 2020 – A Decade of TBM: The Journey of First American with Mike Slivkoff, Senior Corporate Finance Manager at First American

Following the global financial crisis (2007-2008), many financial services firms embarked on a new period of growth and innovation, requiring tough tradeoffs among their technology investments. First American was no different, and it was in 2010 that the firm began its TBM journey. In this discussion, you’ll hear from two of the key players during this decade-long journey, Senior Corporate Finance Manager Michael Slivkoff and Director of Data Operations Lance Warner. Hear how they started fast, evolved their program year after year, and made TBM a core part of how First American makes decisions and drives accountability throughout their enterprise.

Joni Headshot.jpg
Mike Slivkoff, Senior Corporate Finance Manager, First American​

October 20, 2020 – Panel Discussion with Denise O`Hora-Webb, former CIO at Marshfield Clinic, Bradford Newton, Vice President Information Technology Administration and Enterprise Applications at WellStar Health System, and David Lundal, Chief Information Officer at Children's Minnesota

Denise O'Hora-Webb, Former CIO, Marshfield Clinic
Bradford Newton, Vice President Information Technology Administration and Enterprise Applications at WellStar Health System
David Lundal, Chief Information Officer at Children's Minnesota

November 24, 2020 – Live Roundtable with Ashok Kalyanswamy, CIO at Saxo Bank

Join Ashok Kalyanswamy, Global CIO at Saxo Bank, and Jack Bischof, Strategic Services Regional Vice President at Apptio, to learn about leveraging TBM to support rapid business expansion, while laying the foundation for extending those same capabilities beyond IT to help manage the entire enterprise.

Ashok Kalyanswamy
Ashok Kalyanswamy, CIO, Saxo Bank